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File: Music Station 090814 サマ-ソングメドレー ジャニーズJr. Only Livestage
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23 July 2011 @ 09:19 pm
This summer is the best! So many dramas to be anticipated. That includes Ouran! I was a bit disappointed with how short the episode is but nonetheless superlative happy with the release. I loved how Yamamoto Yusuke portrayed Tamaki's role. His frivolous act was so cute. Plus, the mischievous Hiitachin twins were so cheeky. Hands down to the Takagi twins. ъ( ゚ー^)イェー♪

Nekozawa sempai is appearing almost everywhere, it's as though Haruhi is being stalked by him. I preferred the anime version of Hani sempai, but Chiba Yudai surprised me with his adorableness even at that height so am gonna love him equally. I wasn't expecting any CG effects (excluding the shiny background) but they are kinda entertaining. I'm looking forward to this as much as Ikemen Desu Ne! ☆d(o⌒∇⌒o)b ★

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I'm sure anyone who is a rabid KHR and/or SuG fan like I would already know that the latest ED song for KHR is by SuG. SuG has just got themselves signed to Pony Canyon, to which, they would start to go on mainstream. I hope. Because their first single from PC is just so kick ass and full of awe! Not to say the scenes in the new ED... Hyper Tsuna is so moe~~~~ ❤

Uhm... Apparently, I have nothing to do. So I just want to put this here for my own amusement. I've converted the video to MPEG-4 just so I could get it in to my phone. If you guys want it, then just take it. No need to say your thanks or whatever. D: But if you still feel like doing it, then go ahead. :D

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10 October 2009 @ 03:12 pm
New ED and OP were featured in today's KHR episode. I am not surprised that CHERRYBLOSSOM's singing for KHR once again. Just that I am super elated. For the new OP, I can't say much, since apparently I love Kazuki's EASY GO more than the new one, I just have to keep listening for a few times before getting used to the rhythm and lyrics... and feel.

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